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Why work with us

Get better qualified leads — each time!

Benefit from letting us manage your paid traffic landing pages. We'll monitor and optimize them, so they perform even better over time.

Increase number of leads

Targeted landing pages will improve your results, period. This means you'll end up with more leads at the end of the day.

Cut customer acquisition cost

With a higher conversion rate, you'll be able to get more business from paid traffic without spending more on ads.

Boost your bottom line

Traffic can get expensive, fast. If you can squeeze more leads out of existing traffic, you're effectively adding to your bottom line.
Spunk Digital sends us leads we can count on day in and out. They're a breath of fresh air by flipping the old agency retainer model in favor of paying per lead. They genuinely want to help us succeed by also having skin in the game.
John Benemerito, Managing Partner
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Spunk Digital has helped us grow our firm by optimizing our landing pages. We've increased our conversions by 126% and halved our cost per lead. They genuinely want to help us succeed.
John Benemerito
Managing Partner 
Benemerito Attorneys at Law
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Spunk Digital has helped us grow our firm by optimizing our landing pages. We've increased our conversions by 126% and halved our cost per lead. They genuinely want to help us succeed!
John Benemerito, Managing Partner
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How it works

Simple optimizations, sure results


Define your goals

We start by defining your landing page objectives. Are you looking for leads or growing your subscribers?

Research and build

We gather insight on what's already working and build accordingly, layering on our hypothesis for improvements.

Test and report

To validate our hypothesis, we'll run split tests on different page variations and report our findings to you.
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Get more leads without spending more.

Generate more subscribers, leads and sales from the traffic you already have.
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More services

Landing page design

Unique landing page and website design to help your ad campaign convert more traffic at a fixed price. Receive your branded page that fits in with your brand guidelines.
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Full service

Don't have the time to do your own optimizations? Outsource everything to us. We'll design your pages, optimize them, and send you monthly reports on the results.
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What information is included with each lead?

For form submissions, every lead includes the prospect's name, email, phone number (if applicable), and additional notes if necessary.

How much do your leads cost?

Since ad costs vary with each industry, the lead cost will vary depending on the type of lead and the industry.

Will there be any set-up fees or hidden fees?

If you're buying our leads, we don't charge anything other than the cost of each lead delivered.

How does your weekly billing work?

You'll be billed each week for the number of leads you selected. Lead credits will roll over to the following week if you do not get the number of leads you've paid for in a particular week.

How do you handle lead returns?

It does happen from time to time that we get bad leads. Bad leads are defined as leads with inaccurate information, such as a wrong email address. We do not offer refunds, but we will replace them with good leads. We cannot accept returns for reasons outside of our control, such as a change of mind by a lead.
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